Tuesday, 20 March 2018

A Change To Your Scheduled Programming

I’ve run LogicButton for just over two years now, and during that time, I’ve stuck to a pretty strict schedule. My primary goal has always been to get my writing out there, and that writing came primarily in the form of game reviews. I’ve always had my issues with a lot of the mainsteam games sites and how they operate (churnalism, review scores, too cosy of a relationship with publisher PR) and think the best way to critique something like that is to try and do things differently.

The focus on reviews was primarily because I thought this would be the most straightforward way to write about games. However, it was also because I figured that’s what people wanted to read, and was the best way to draw people to the site.

And I think I’ve done a decent job with that. I’ve attracted a regular trickle of readers to the site over the past 18 months. You folks know who you are. There’s definitely places I want to improve though, the hectic schedule I set for myself meant I was pumping out work at a quick rate, and that cut into the time I had to do all the editing, research, and proofreading I wanted to do. I still cringe when I look back at some of the older reviews and catch a bunch of a typos that I really shouldn’t have missed.

What was most frustrating though, is that, because I was focusing on the most recent games it cut into the time I had to devote to other writing about older games, retrospectives and games design. I could have gone way, way, deeper in on Demon’s Souls for instance, but cut back a ton of ideas I had to get the post up.

I was so hung up on getting the recent release reviews finished that it ate into the time I could devote to the more interesting pieces on the site. And the irony is, it’s those other pieces that I’ve wrote: the retrospectives, the look at particular game mechanics, and the history of a series, that have proven much more popular to read. And it makes sense, I think everyone already knows what they think of the latest Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry that me just writing out another general all-purpose review isn’t really going to change much.

For all these reasons, there’s going to be a big shake-up of how things are run on the site. For starters, they’ll be a short hiatus, while I sort out some more ideas, but after that, expect some different things on here, such as a closer look at game mechanics, games writing and the history of various games/series. These pieces will likely be less frequent than the reviews, but longer and more in-depth as a result. The reviews will still be around, I’m not going to write them off completely, but they’ll be less of a focus on the site.

So, bear with me over the next month or so, but don’t think I’ve forgotten about the site.