Hi there, welcome to the site.

Logic Button is a site about video games, which I suppose if you've made it this far you've probably already figured out. You clever devil you.

Games are a fantastic medium that only continues to grow year on year. They have the ability to move us, excite us and make us think just as much as any film, book or piece of music. That also means that we need the criticism to evolve, which I hope I can help with.

This site is devoted to analysing, discussing and reviewing video games. Sometimes it'll be new releases but other times I'll take a look back at older games. Gaming culture is so focused on the future that it sometimes forgets to look back and remember what's already gone by. If one of my articles gets people to actually pick up an old gem, or try out a new game I recommend, then my mission has been accomplished.

Game journalism/criticism isn't exactly the most respectable job out there (and for good reason) but, in my little way at least, hopefully I can help begin to change that.

Is there just one person running the site?

Yes, me, LudoLogic. Or, maybe there are more than one of us and there's no way you'd able to tell…

...but seriously there's just one person. That being said, writing a review from the perspective of multiple personalities would be pretty interesting.

So you review games, how do you decide what to review?

I try and cover most of the major AAA releases if possible, and then also hunt down some interesting indie games to check out.

Are your reviews biased? 

Yes, they're biased, in that they're a subjective account of my experience with a game.

You don't use review scores, why is that?

Numbered/lettered scores just get in the way of engaging and interesting discussion. People disagree about what makes a good game and that's great, it adds to the things we can talk about. Sticking an arbitrary number at the end of a review doesn't advance that discussion.

Do you cover gaming news?

The overwhelming majority of gaming “news” is actually repurposed press releases or “churnalism”; simply referencing what another site or press release wrote without really adding anything. Obviously keeping people informed of what's being said, even if its just linking to stories, can have its uses. If I think a particular news story will be of interest to the site's readers I might cover it.

Primarily though, this site is devoted to games criticism rather than covering news that the big game sites are writing about.

Is there a way I can contact the site?

Sure, if you want to get in contact, send an email to mail(at)

Why are you writing this "About Me" page in Q&A format?

Because it's really the only way I could think of doing it. Also, all the “blogging for beginners” books I've been reading keep screaming at me to have an “About” page, and to stop procrastinating over it.